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Genesis now live !

Beitragsverfasser iTaLiaN-PoWeR
#1 | Gesendet: 26 Feb 2020 00:44 
Genesis is out today.

We have added a server to the Cluster - feel free to explore the new world, care of the dodos.

Beitragsverfasser iTaLiaN-PoWeR
#2 | Gesendet: 27 Feb 2020 04:27 
Some delay but live now ;)

All Servers have been updated.


Classic Flyers Mod was removed due to incompatibility (Client and Serverside crashes).
Flyers got the lost points credited back, Classic flyers will be readded as soon as a working patch/update exists

** Some Flyers are bugged in their Cryopod and can not be spawned anymore.**
This Bug is still unknown, but has to do something with latest updates.

Beitragsverfasser BadDarkShadow
#3 | Gesendet: 1 Mar 2020 21:52 

hope this ok when not just write here(Admin) but i have put on 2 biome teleporter for public use(Ice/Swamp). So every one can jump to the differnt biom without the cast time from heln-a every time.

Beitragsverfasser Tomicari
#4 | Gesendet: 6 Mar 2020 18:12 
If the teleporters are powered with tek generators, keep them unlocked so we can fill them with element.

Beitragsverfasser themis
#5 | Gesendet: 13 Apr 2020 13:19 
guys any news for our flyers? when will the mode be active.

Beitragsverfasser iTaLiaN-PoWeR
#6 | Gesendet: 19 Apr 2020 19:43 
The old creatures are unrecoverably damaged and can not be brought back.

Classif flyers released an update, however that update will not "fix" any of the broken dinos.
In order to minimize the risk of another corruption, the mod will be deactrivated.

Unfortunately I did not had any time to further look into this case, probably any old dinos are lost in case they were stored in cryopods.
Those left outside had reset stats.

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 Genesis now live !

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