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Bio: We, Guangzhou Amy Plastic Tube Co., Ltd, are specialized in manufacturing cosmetic tubes,aluminate laminated tube, and plastic laminated tube from the beginning. And now we are becoming one of the main suppliers in domestic and foreign industry of cosmetic packaging, providing tubes, bottles, jars, compacts, lipstick packages, mascara containers, rollerballs, supply a whole range of matched products and accessories in a one-stop service which is a great advantage..
--have high-tech prepress machines for printing like (like Heidelberg CTP, Man-Roland 6 color…etc.), for coating, automatic film laminating, die-cutting, creasing, folding, gluing, UV varnishing, low temp. calendering & quality inspection
-- equipped with UV five colors automatic silk-screen printing machines, multifunctional machine for perforating, foil sealing and screwing, automatic labeling machine and automatic hot stamping machines, we have 12 production lines, And the annual production is up to 100 million pieces.
-- providing bottle design,manufacturing, frosting, bottle paint, silkscreen hot-stamping, to UV coating and relative product sourcing, equipped with UV coating line,bottle coating line.
In order to provide high/accurate printing quality, total quality management per ISO9001, R&D capability, professional printing facilities by using environment friendly materials, with rapid growth for over11 years.
We sincerely invite you to preview our website to know more about our company, factory facilities and products. Besides, we’re able to OEM your package to be your one-stop packaging solution and also to provide you the prototype sample for approval before mass production. Meanwhile, small q’ty for mass production is also acceptable to us.lipstick container Made in China
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